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2018/04/22 20:00:00

A blockchain based marketplace for transportation services

Backed by real business.

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Brixby brings together
transportation services and consumers

blockchain based marketplace + app

Rent a vehicle, park it, charge your electric car (EV) and pay for those transportation services in one app.

If you have a vehicle, a parking space, a bus service – you may list it on BRIXBY and start earning money from your peers.

 Brixby solution

There are 2 main groups of Brixby users: businesses and consumers. Microbusiness and SME in transportation sector are among the main BRIXBY users. What makes BRIXBY truly beautiful is the ability to combine any number of services into a product or solution one needs. Business may choose as many core services they need or use user interfaces or business services instead.

One easy to use app

Parking, EV charging, car sharing, tickets sales, etc. — one Brixby app can do it all with great UX.

Managing transportation services and payments

Management system, instant payments for microbusiness. Blockchain made it possible to avoid payment mistakes.

Full transparancy

Blockchain based, full control of all your transactions.

Connecting microbusinesses

Approach to private sector through franchisees. Quick plug-in of microbusiness’s assets.

Global platform for local transportation needs

Existing solutions are often ultralocal. Brixby allows to use local infrastructure in any place of the world with one app.

Localization and customization

Seller (microbusiness) or third party can use Brixby API to create his own applicatios for his assets.

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Use cases

Private parking

List your parking space, lot or garage.

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Electric Vehicle charging

Let more users benefit from your EV charger.

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Vehicle Rental/ sharing

Don’t let your vehicle park 90% of the time. See how to earn more money.

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Technologically BRIXBY is a microservice cluster, spread over a variety of hosting providers worldwide, including Amazon, Google and Heroku. The platform’s design can also rely on fog computing, such as SONM. This will help BRIXBY lower the hosting costs, thus reducing the costs for the platform users.

There are five main layers of BRIXBY architecture:
  • Core microservices
  • Business services
  • User/Applications interfaces
  • 3rd party interfaces
  • Smart contracts


Brixby stages and milestones
  • Q2 2018

    Stage 1

    1. Hire an additional development team – total 20 people by the end for 2017

    2. Go from project based development to global product based development, incorporate testing results received from pre-ICO phase.

    3. Work out a precise roadmap for BRIXBY expansion, based on general project criteria:
    ·    Specific cities
    ·    Means
    ·    Timing
    ·    Promotion

  • Q4 2018

    Core modules v1

    • System integrity test framework
    • Parking business module
    • Billing module
    • Analytics module visualises data and provides reports in easy to understand format

  • Q1 2019

    Core modules v2 and EV charging module

    Core modules v2
    • Performance monitoring
    • Enforcement
    • Permits
    • CRM
    • Inventory management

    EV charging module
    • EV charging business logic
    • Integrations with EV chargers

  • Q2 2019

    Legal framework for market expansion

    • Business terms of service
    • Consumer terms of service

  • Q3 2019

    Open-source software, API for 3rd parties and Marketing strategy

    Open-source software
    • Core microservices as open-source software
    Open API for 3rd parties
    • API to connect with 3rd party services and business services
    Marketing strategy
    • Global and country based marketing strategy
    • Finalise product offering
    • Prepare marketing materials

  • Q4 2019

    Car sharing module

    • Car sharing / rental business logic
    • Features for private users and fleet operators

  • Q1 2020

    Global launch

    • Fast expansion
    • Concentrate on service quality and promotion

Market acquisition

BRIXBY market is a high density urban environment particularly in developing countries. It is expected that urban areas will get nearly 2B of new residents in the next 20 years, with the South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa doubling its urban dwellers. This is why Brixby will put 60% effort into developing countries and 40% into developed ones.
1. Years 0-2 product development
2. Years 3-5:
a. showcase projects in Brixby’s target market: China, South-East Asia, Arab countries, and Russia
b. launch of franchise model with seminars and training
c. product evangelists
3. Years 5+ aggressive market acquisition

The specific countries beyond show cases will be selected based on interest towards BRICKs (tokens), level of urbanisation, annual increase of urban population, disorganisation of transport, market knowledge and research. franchisee model will be used for market acquisition.

Pre-ICO and ICO details

BRIXBY will issue 154 523 442 BRICKs (tokens) during TGE:

9 000 000 BRICKS granted for pre-ICO: 4 000 000 private pre-ICO and 5 000 000 public pre-ICO
  • multi-signature wallet
  • private and public Pre-Sale
  • includes pre-alfa app testing by end users
  • issued via pre-ICO smart contract
145 523 442 (~97,4%) BRICKs for ICO and associated costs
  • multi-signature wallet
  • incl. ~ 28% BRICKS for partners, lawyers, bounty and the team. Distribution details here.
  • tokens of founders are not transferable upon ICO completion: locked up for 6 months by a smart contract function

Public Pre-Sale Bonuses available

Please register to observe detailed volume bonuses spreadsheet

(ICO rate 1 BRICK = 0.12 USD)

Public PRE-SALE will start soon!

2018/04/22 20:00:00


Daniil Titarenko
Daniil Titarenko
Co-founder & CEO
An entrepreneur who runs several successful IT companies in Russia. Daniil has been an adviser to Moscow government on several large IT and...
Alexander Solovyev
Alexander Solovyev
Marketing and PR consultant
Work experience includes a series of projects involving leading the marketing, PR and sales workstreams of many successful businesses: • JCDecaux...
Vladimir Minkovich
Vladimir Minkovich
Senior Developer
Over eight years of experience in technical field as a software developer. Strongly commited to enhancing business flows and able to develop any...

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Advisory board

Brixby is not only a beautiful business idea that improves the daily lives of many people but is also a very neat and complicated mathematical solution.

Vitaly Gumirov
The founder of

Travelling around the world and noticing the mobility and parking problems in crowded cities urges for solutions like Brixby. As an advisor, I would like to assist the Brixby-team to build the worldwide marketplace for transportation services.

Jan Robert Schutte
CEO and Cofounder of CryptoAcademy

A great project backed by a very experiensed team in parking and transportation. Technically very lean solution, where a blockchain guarantees full transparency that is crucial for so many markets.

Oleg Raspopov

Brixby has a global ambition to improve transportation services, this is very exciting and challenging task. To be successful, Brixby needs a strong legal support in the markets it it going to operate in and I am happy to assist the team with my expertise.

Irene Mouzouridou
Advocate, Christofinis - Mouzouridou & CO. LLC

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