The fist Brixby app testers - welcome!

It is a very exciting time for us, since we just got pre-alfa of Brixby app ready and we
truly appreciate your interest and support.

Testing will start on December 15 along with the private Pre-Sale and shall be finished

Anyone willing to test will create a valuable contribution.

NO testing experience necessary!

The best part — we will reward the testers who made a meaningful contribution first, after the
testing phase is over and the results reviewed by our team. But you have to be fast.
There will be a maximum of 30 testers receiving a bonus.

First 10 testers will get 500 BRICKs each.
The next 10 testers will get 250 BRICKs each, and the last 10 testers will get 150 BRICKs each.

Sorry, but for the moment Android users only.

Step-by- Step Guide:

1.  Sign up for a testing campaign.
2. Receive an email with a form to fill within a few days.
3. Fill in and submit a short form about yourself. This form is super important for us, it will help us
understand experience and feedback, and we may adjust your testing task. We promise that it
will not take a lot of your time, we hate long forms ourselves.
4. Receive an e-mail with a link to our app and testing instructions.
5. Download the app and complete the testing.
6. Once the testing is complete and submitted, you will get the submission number.
7. If you managed to complete testing among the first 30 testes, you’ll receive your bonus tokens.

Step 1: Please fill in the form to sign up for the testing campaign.

* indicates required

Looking forward to working with you!