Currently if a microbusiness has 10 scooters to rent, all it can afford is to put a sign by the door “scooter rent”. For users, there is no easy way to find the rental unless they know where it is and whether the price is suitable. With BRIXBY, it is very simple to list all your scooters on global platform, including pictures, descriptions, pricing and availability and pay for using the service only when someone rents a scooter — no upfront investments or fees. It is easy and convenient with no strings attached.

Personal vehicle sharing use case describes the service of renting private vehicles out. When an owner does not need to use her/his vehicle, car, roller, bike, other, she/he can lend it to driver drivers using BRIXBY platform.

There are five main groups of actions:

  • Rental —  the primary service drivers get.
  • e-Security — provides security for the user’s data and financial transactions, common for almost any software.
  • Operations — includes the functionality for the primary back office operations
  • Maintenance — vehicle maintenance. The maintenance of the BRIXBY platform is out of user’s scope and will be performed by BRIXBY staff.
  • Support — a chat for owners and drivers to communicate.


These are just three use cases we see for BRIXBY. As described earlier, core microservices together with user interfaces can be combined to provide any transportation services a microbusiness can design.