Here is a simple example how a private parking lot may be set-up and managed using BRIXBY. Let’s say there is a plot of land owned by a person in the centre of the city with no real estate on it. The plot is idle without producing any income. Using BRIXBY the owner may list his property as a parking lot providing number of parking spaces and pricing with just a few clicks in the business user app. Within seconds the lot will be available for parking, also providing convenient in app payments. Any user of BRIXBY will be able to see this lot and park there. This is the simplest use case. Fortunately, due to flexibility of BRIXBY it is also possible to add value to more complex parking operations, providing tools for enforcement, permits, subscriptions, etc.

  • Parking —  the primary service for consumers.
  • Enforcement — actions that the parking attendant undertakes to deal with drivers who violate parking rules. The system provides the full enforcement suite for the attendants and drivers.
  • e-Security —  provides security for the users’ data and financial transactions, common for almost any software.
  • Operations — includes the functionality for the primary back office operations.
  • Maintenance —  includes maintenance of infrastructure, software and hardware, such as road signs, parking meters, gates, etc. The maintenance of the BRIXBY platform is out of user’s scope and will be performed by BRIXBY staff.
  • Support — drivers’ and user support tasks.