Anyone driving an EV knows that planning a longer a trip also includes planning for charging. Currently an EV driver has to know where chargers are located or subscribe to as many EV charging services as possible. BRIXBY will aggregate all EV charging services and provide an access to them with one easy to use app. This way a hotel or a fast charging network will be able to offer both charging and payment services to any BRIXBY user.

EV charging use case describes all the actions different users can take in the system. There are five main action groups:

  • Charging —  the primary service drivers get.
  • e-Security — provides security for the users’ data and financial transactions, common for almost any software.
  • Operations — includes the functionality for the primary back office operations
  • Maintenance — maintenance of EV charging infrastructure, software and hardware, such as road signs, EV Chargers, connectivity, etc. The maintenance of the BRIXBY platform is out of user’s scope and will be performed by BRIXBY staff.
  • Support — drivers and user support tasks.