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2018/04/22 20:00:00

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(ICO rate 1 BRICK = 0.12 USD)

Token sale details

Token nameBRIXBY Token (BRICK)
What is it?Ethereum ERC20 compatible token Provides means to access such additional smart-contract functionality as:
1. registration at BRIXBY as partners or asset owner;
2. internal transfer settlement between microservices of local platform;
3. publication of assets on BRIXBY (for example parking space, EV charger, car sharing, etc.);
4. access to BRIXBY microservices by open API;
5. creating new business products for BRIXBY and publishing them for users and consumers.
Token price during Token Generation Event1 BRICK = 0.12 USD
Issuing volume and conditions1. During the Token Generation Event, no more than 154 523 442 tokens will be issued on the Ethereum platform as standard ERC20 tokens.
2. No more tokens will be issued after Token Generation Event.
Tokens availabilityTokens distribution (BRICK):
Become available immediately during Token Generation Event via Ethereum smart-contract;
Token distribution1. 70% of tokens will be distributed to the participants of Token Generation Event.
2. 30% of tokens will be reserved for project team, partners and pre-ICO. Tokens of founders are not transferable upon ICO completion: locked up for 6 months by a smart contract function.
SecurityFunds raised during Token Generation Event will be kept in the multisignature wallets according to industry standards
Who can participate in pre-ICO & ICOUS Citizens and tax residents and some other countries residents cannot participate in this Token Generation Event. Please read T&C section.


Start date:
Private Pre-Sale starts on December,15th 2017
End date:
Private Pre-Sale ends February, 15th 2018

There will be a public Pre-Sale soon after private.

Offering size

9 000 000 BRICK tokens (~2,5%) to be sold at special Pre-ICO price.99 166 409 BRICK tokens (~70%) to be sold.


Private PRE-SALE Volume BONUS up to 100%
please register to observe details
1 BRICK = 0.12 USD
Currency accepted: ETHCurrency accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC
Minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH
Maximum transaction amount: unlimited

Secure offer

Multi-signature walletMulti-signature wallet
BRICK tokens of Founders are non-transferable upon ICO completion – locked for 6 month through a smart-contract function

Token distribution

  • ICO
  • Partners, Advisers, Legal, Team

Funds allocation structure

  • Development & support
  • Marketing
  • Hosting
  • Management & admin