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How to buy BRICKs token?

If you do not have  Ethereum wallet you can create it, for example, here:

You can use any method you like, for ex. via crypto exchanges.  There is a number of cryptocurrency exchanges on the web. The most visited is Coinbase,


We will put our actual smart contract address online once we open pre-ICO.

In your wallet go to «transfer ETHEREUM and tokens» section.  Paste BRICKs contract address into «Reciever address» field.  Fill in the amount  of ETHEREUM you want to transfer. Please make sure you have enough gas limit. The best is to keep the gas limit filled automatically. ATTN: the amount of gas shall be at least  97 454.

IF BRICKS TOKEN DOES NOT APPEAR in the tokens list  press button «Add your token» input name = BRICK and BRICK smart contract address, Decimals: 18

How to get your tokens?

First, make sure you have clicked the orange «Load Tokens» button.
If you still don’t see your token, you simply need to add it to your interface:
Any ERC-20 token can be added to your local MEW interface by following these instructions.

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the name of the token, or search to your address and click on the Token’s name there.
  3. At the very top is the address.
  4. Down below that there is a thing called «decimals», which is a number between 0 and 18.
  5. In a new tab, navigate to the «Send Ether & Tokens» page on MyEtherWallet.
  6. Unlock your wallet.
  7. Click «Add Custom Token» on the right side.
  8. Enter the address you got from
  9. Type in what you want to call it — the name or the symbol.
  10. Enter the decimals from
  11. Click «Save».

In the future, we may add this token as a «Default» token on MyEtherWallet. In that case, you will see two of that token in the sidebar. While this won’t break anything, it can be annoying.

To remove a custom token, click the little ( — ) icon next to your token. This will remove it from the interface. It is not deleting or removing the tokens themselves. They are still safely in your wallet, we promise.

Where do I buy cryptocurrency?

There is a number of cryptocurrency exchanges on the web. The most visited is Coinbase,

What is Token? Why do I need it?

BRICKs Token is a utility token and is essentially a digital certificate that gives access to BRICKs platform and related software. It is required to streamline interaction of clients with the platform.

Where should I keep my Token?

Keep your Token in your ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet. The list of Ethereum compatible wallets is found here

Does your token comply with ERC20 standard? Can I transfer them to a third-party ETH wallet?

Of course they do. Just note that we recommend to use one of the ERC20 compatible wallets. See the list of compatible wallets here You would be even better off using cold wallets. To know more on cold wallets refer here

Do you use Github? Are you open source?

No we don’t use Github. The platform docs with some source code are hosted on our main web site
We plan to open source of our platform before the second stage (Brixby  Microservices Platform) when third parties will be able to host apps. At this moment the core is closed source. Only some parts of the platform are open source. We decided to go this way, because open sourcing the core is a complicated process requiring significant resource and specific business processes to support dev community working on the core.

Is your ICO backed by working business?

We have working business and many running projects. Get acquainted with them at our website.

What parts of your product are centralized and what are decentralized?

Brixby, a highly modular and decentralised blockchain based platform will connect consumers with microbusinesses and SMEs in the transportation industry, and will make services visible and usable, where each transaction is confirmed using blockchain technology.

How does Brixby differentiate from other decentralized competition?

So far, there has been no universal solution for transportation problems such as parking, EV charging, rental, and car sharing, not even mentioning transparency and confirmation. There are many solutions that are (1) expensive, (2) solve only one problem, i.e. parking app, car sharing app, etc., even though drivers have numerous needs during their trips, which means that consumers have to download many apps and provide their credit card information to multiple unknown parties, and to blindly trust in their good faith, (3) solutions are often ultralocal, i.e. in local languages and with local payment methods, i.e. they are impossible for tourists to use, and (4) only cash-based, which are hard to find and inconvenient.

Instead of approaching each market segment separately, we believe that a marketplace for transportation services, with a great user experience, is the way to go. We have analysed dozens of transportation product flows, and the majority of them have the same features, such as select current location, select destination, select route, review travel times, and pay for the service, thus, it is not necessary to use ultra-specific apps to solve similar problems in parking, EV charging, car sharing, ticket sales, etc. — one great app can do it all. In addition to a great user experience, Brixby offer full transparency thanks to blockchain, where each user may control his/her transaction to ensure that the price is calculated correctly and that the payment reaches the party that the user intended.

What does token do? (why can Brixby not use just bitcoin or ether)

Ethereum ERC20 compatible token Provides a way to access such Brixby functionality (by means of smart contracts) as:

  • registration at Brixby as partners or asset owner;
  • internal transfer settlement between microservices of local platform;
  • publication of assets on Brixby (for example parking spaces, EV chargers, car sharing, etc.);
  • access to Brixby microservices by open API;
  • creating new business products for Brixbt and publishing them for users and consumers.
What problem or unmet need in the market does Brixby solve?

Currently there are no easy to use and inexpensive digital transportation platforms that allow to easily manage your services and take payments, be it rent of a roller, parking, EV charging, etc. There are many solutions that are (1) expensive, (2) solve only one problem, i.e. parking app, ticket selling app, etc., which means that consumers have to download 10s of apps to travel and provide their credit card into to untrusted parties in many different countries, (3) ultra-local in local languages, i.e. impossible to use for tourists.

Why have these problems not been solved in the past?

Some markets and players prefer cash, which is usually taken in without paying taxes.
Some markets have solved the need by providing very specific one problem solutions, i.e. parking app for the local market. Some companies have tried solving some specific issues, e.g. parking, on global level, but have started with municipalities to gain more clients, but have run into public tender issues.

We propose targeting private sector who is quick to implement easy to use and cheap solutions and local franchisees, people who know how a specific market works, who may take the product and offer it to municipalities, deal with tenders, etc. We believe that our strength is building the best product using the best technology together with working business models, and not in negotiations with local authorities where you truly need to understand local business culture and legal framework, and probably have some lobbying.

How does the product work?

Technologically Brixby is a microservice cluster, spread over a variety of hosting providers worldwide including Amazon, Google and Heroku. The platform’s design can also rely on fog computing such as SONM. This will help Brixby lower the hosting costs, thus reducing the costs for the platform users.

Blockchain technology has transformed from a niche technology for IT geeks to one widely used in many industries. Brixby provides an excellent way for any person, like a small café owner, a housewife, or a large hotel manager to easily generate income from their resources such as parking, electricity, personal vehicle, using blockchain technology often without the slightest awareness or understanding of this technology. All of those users get tools for managing and growing their businesses, no matter how big or small, while blockchain ensures the security, consistency and transparency of transactions. All of us are aware of how unpleasant it can be when parking transactions are lost or payments tampered with, resulting in lost time, money, and a lot of aggravation.

Large systems with many users and a sizable flow of funds need both internal and external confirmed transactions, and Brixby provides exactly that. Transaction reconciliation is a process of comparing transactions in accounting records, operational records (paper or software) and banks — it is one of the key internal procedures in any business. Why is this important? First, to make sure that the systems work as they are supposed to, i.e. the correct amount of money is taken from the correct consumer and transferred to the correct account of the service provider at the correct time; second, this is a standard requirement of any adequate accounting; and third, to ensure that the business gets the exact amount of money it should get and nothing is lost on the way. We know that all users go through this procedure in one or another way. Moreover, our extensive experience in the parking industry shows that reconciliation and customer support may occupy a huge amount of work time at a business if a proper verification system is not set up.

Will more tokens be issued over the time, how?

Currently we do not see the emission of new issue of tokens.

How can people earn your token?

There following options for earning our tokens:

  • Become a franchisee and earn the commission from registering SME and microbusiness assets. Once assets start making transaction a franchisee will get a 10% commission from the turnover.
  • Become a business application developer and get your compensation from your users.
Why do you need blockchain tokens?

Tokens need to be used in order to make transactions and execute smart contracts inside Brixby.

Does your product need blockchain?


What advantages of the blockchain technology does Brixby enjoy?

For a global service whose core function is calculating financial transactions and transferring funds from consumers to service operators and vice versa, it is impossible to provide a sustainable reconciliation assistance or be a part of audit with thousands or millions of users. This would ruin any business model. Thus, Brixby chose blockchain technology, which is a distributed open solution that can be audited and reviewed by users, at any time convenient to them, their partners, or their consumers. Blockchain usage will ensure that the calculations and the transfers are correct, transparent, and unchangeable, which is of crucial value to Brixby.

How can you functionally link a blockchain token to a product?

Ethereum ERC20 compatible token Provides a way to access such Brixby functionality (by means of smart contracts) as:

  • registration at Brixby as partners or asset owner;
  • internal transfer settlement between microservices of local platform;
  • publication of assets on Brixby (for example parking spaces, EV chargers, car sharing, etc.);
  • access to Brixby microservices by open API;
  • creating new business products for Brixbt and publishing them for users and consumers.
How can Brixby token be of interest to investors?

Investors will gain value using the Brixby token, based on Ethereum blockchain. Companies of any size can use Brixby platform, but we see the biggest demand from microburinesses and SMEs in developing countries. Currently when such companies are interested in starting such transportation services as parking, rental services, taxi, private buses and local tour services, they do not have enough abilities to develop the required IT environment to distribute their service among a vast number of potential users. This will be changed with Brixby. Subscribing to the services for a small and reasonable fee, will allow microbusinesses in developing countries start their business and earn money fast and without huge investments.

Is there a mechanism that links the value of Brixby token to the success of Brixby product?

Processing each transaction requires tokens. In order to create service, one has to register its assets. The more assets offering services are registered in the platform, the more consumers will join, the more services could be cross-sold, thus creating more value for the platform and the tokens.

Does Brixby accept ETH or other tokens?

Currency accepted: ETH

What is the total (maximum) token supply?

154 523 442

How many tokens will be offered in the sale?


What stage is the project at?

Currency Brixby is holding a closed pre-ICO.
Technology wise, we have put our pre-alpha app for testing to the community.

What are the next steps in developing the platform?

Please review our roadmap

Is there a maximum and minimum purchase for BRICKs tokens?

There is no minimal or maximum amount, but (1) the more tokens you purchase the more discount you’ll get, and (2) it is hardly viable to purchase less than 1 BRICK, at at 0.0005ETH exchange rate.

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