Brixby bounty hunters – here are some tasks for grabs!


We are super excited to have launched 3 bounty campaigns to reward our supporters. The campaigns are rather different, one aimed at bitcointalk and telegram, while the other at Brixby service, so that each supporter may choose what suits him/her the best or opt to participate in all activities.

All in all Brixby will grant 1,5% of tokens as a reward  for open Pre ICO bounty campaign (more then 10 bounty activities). Equals to 2 317 000 BRICK tokens and $278 000.

Anyone willing to contribute is welcome! All the rewards and rules are described in our telegram bounty bot.


Step-by- Step Guide:

1. Go to Telegram Bounty Bot
2. Get all the instructions and tasks
3. Register
4. Complete tasks
5. Report your progress
6. Get your rewards!!!
The rewards are generous and require the valuable contribution from all the participants willing to get the rewards. These campaigns will bring Brixby to the next step of its roadmap.