Blockchain technology is transformed from niche technology for IT geeks to the one widely used in many industries. BRIXBY gives an excellent opportunity for any person, like an owner of a small cafe, housewife or a large hotel manager to easily utilize their resources such as parking, electricity, personal vehicle, using blockchain technology often without slighted consideration or understanding of this technology. All of those users get tools for managing and growing their businesses either small or big, while blockchain ensures security, consistency and transparency of transactions. All of us are aware how unpleasant it may be if a parking transaction is lost or payment tampered, resulting in lost time, money, and a lot of aggravation.

Large systems with many users and flow of funds need both internal and external confirmed transactions — BRIXBY provides exactly that. Transaction reconciliation is a process of comparison of transactions in accounting records, operational records (paper or software) and bank — it is one of the key internal procedures in any business. Why is this important? First, to make sure that the systems work as they are supposed to work, i.e. the correct amount of money is taken from the correct consumer and transferred to the correct account of the service provider at the correct time, second, this is a standard requirement of any adequate accounting, third, to ensure that the business gets the exact amount of money it shall get and nothing is lost on the way. We know that all users go through this procedure in one or another way. Moreover, our extensive experience in parking industry shows that reconciliation and customer support may occupy entire working time of a business if a proper verification system is not set up.

Why does BRIXBY use Ethereum blockchain? Global service with core function of calculating financial transactions and transferring funds from consumers to service operators and vice versa, it is impossible to provide a sustainable reconciliation assistance or be a part of audit with thousands or millions of users. This will ruin any business model. Thus, BRIXBY chose blockchain technology, which is a distributed open solution that can be audited and reviewed by users at any time at their convenience, their partners, consumers. Blockchain usage will ensure that the calculations and the transfers are correct, transparent, and unchangeable —  a crucial value to BRIXBY.

Blockchain utilization

The technology is used in terms of permanent and cross-validated transactions logging with an ability to explore any transaction via any public blockchain explorer. So even brixby team does not have an ability to change any transaction and any user can trace any transaction passing many microservices and external systems. Thus, any user is able to prove any issues (e.g. duplicated charges) and easily resolve them.

  • Parking —  the primary service for consumers.
  • Enforcement — actions that the parking attendant undertakes to deal with drivers who violate parking rules. The system provides the full enforcement suite for the attendants and drivers.
  • e-Security —  provides security for the users’ data and financial transactions, common for almost any software.
  • Operations — includes the functionality for the primary back office operations.
  • Maintenance —  includes maintenance of infrastructure, software and hardware, such as road signs, parking meters, gates, etc. The maintenance of the BRIXBY platform is out of user’s scope and will be performed by BRIXBY staff.
  • Support — drivers’ and user support tasks